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Vaudreuil Catholic High School 1967-1999
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This site was created on February 13, 2001
by Cindy Grabowski (Class of '83)

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Created  February 13, 2001
Updated on  May 07, 2018

LINK!   http://111965.AceBoard.net
A VCHS Alumni discussion forum,
created by Nathalie Dufresne (Class of 1995)

Old Corkboard, New Message Board
The "Corkboard" never worked properly.
It has been replaced with a Message Board.
Old corkboard posts will remain on the message board page.

If you change your e-mail address,
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A BOOK WRITTEN by former students ABOUT V.C.H.S.!!
by Justine Linden and Samantha Flower


Former V.C.H.S. alumni (twin sisters) have written a book
based on their lives as children in both Montreal and England.
The story revolves around V.C.H.S.
and the huge sacrifice the faculty made to have Justine in the school.
The book is called the Persecution of Others.
Check out the Facebook page. www.facebook.com/persecutionofothers
It is available online at Amazon.ca

A Brief History Of V.C.H.S.
Before residing on the Cite Des Jeunes Campus in Vaudreuil, it was located next to Eglise St-Michel.
It opened on September 7th, 1965.
With its relocation to St.Lazare in 2000,
V.C.H.S. was renamed Vaudreuil County High School.
In 2003 the school merged with Hudson High School
and was renamed Westwood High (Junior Campus),
hosting only Sec.I and Sec.II students.
And so, V.C.H.S. as we knew it, is no more.

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Mr.Giguere for the many
Yearbook Lists he sent me.

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